Keeping It In Canon going live!

Hello! And welcome to Keeping It In Canon, the musings of an aspiring YA writer! For those who are wondering, this blog’s name refers to getting the details of a story right. In other words, making sure it’s lined up with canon. Given my propensity to write about times past, this is critical for me, but research isn’t limited to historicals and non-fiction projects. Even writers of completely fantastical worlds wind up researching stuff like how to forge steel or the atmospheric composition of Io. As a writer, I feel I have a duty to make a story as realistic and accurate as possible even if it is fiction. Having said that, I confess I do occasionally veer off the historical record for reasons such as clarity or plot, but I do try to keep it to a minimum (I swear!). Ergo the “…mostly” part of this blog’s name.

To be honest, the blogosphere isn’t a place I pictured myself – it seemed to involve a lot more technological savvy than I was capable of. But after a couple of sessions at this year’s WriteOnCon (you can still access the 2011 presentations at their site) and some words of guidance from members of my AgentQuery Connect critique group, I decided to take the plunge, and here I am!

By the way, if you’re thinking you want to set up your own blog as well, I found J.S Lewis’ WriteOnCon post helpful.

In terms of this blog, most posts will fall into one of two categories: research ramblings or anime/manga reviews. My current work in progress is set in ancient Greece so most of the research posts will be historical tidbits from that era. The anime/manga portion stems from the fact that I’m a longtime otaku and I review manga regularly for The Fandom Post.

Ancient Greece and Japanese pop might sound like an odd mix, but to me, these cultures do have something in common: amazing storytelling. As different as J-dramas, anime, and manga are from Greek histories and myths, all of these forms have a way of captivating audiences, which is why I continue to draw from them and be inspired by them

I hope you’ll continue to come by and visit!

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