Donating hair

No, those aren’t rats’ tails in the picture. That’s my hair!

After a little over a year, I finally grew enough length to make a donation to Locks of Love, a non-profit that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children suffering from long-term medical hair loss. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d ever do this because they require hair to be at least 10 inches for a donation, and I generally keep my hair short. Like number-one-clippers-all-around short. Like my-husband’s-hair-is-longer-than-mine short.

You see, my hair and I have a rather antagonistic relationship. I don’t know about your hair, but mine is stubborn and thick and slippery. Meaning it’s impossible to style without gobs of product, and hair ties, bands, etc. always end up sliding off. After spending my youth struggling to tame it, I got fed up. Right after high school graduation, I went to the salon and got my shoulder length hair hacked into a short bob. My mom was mortified. I loved it.

So I kept it short ever after. Until last year when some circumstances arose and I agreed not to cut my hair for nearly a year. Once that term ended, I had 8 inches of hair, and I thought, Well, if I stick it out a little longer, maybe I can give this annoying length to someone who actually wants it.

I have to say, the last couple of months were the toughest. Not only was I constantly getting hair in my eyes and mouth, summer had hit, and I felt like I was living with a small animal on my head. In fact, having to sweep up after and maintaining that much hair was kind of like caring for a pet. (Well, I thought so…)

But finally, my hair reached the requisite length, and after some searching on, I located Sol Salon in Culver City, which cuts your hair for free if you donate to Locks of Love. I showed my stylist Jan a picture of me before I grew my hair out and told her to cut as much for the donation as she could. She did exactly that (ergo the multiple ponytails), and I think she did a fabulous job (thanks, Jan!)

So now my hair is back to its usual low-maintenance length, a package of hair is heading toward Florida, and life is much better. Though now I’m wondering, should I grow it out again for another donation? We’ll see…


3 responses to “Donating hair

  1. You’re amazing, Sakura!

    I’m with you on the love/hate relationship with my hair. The minute anyone I love gets diagnosed with cancer and has to undergo treatment, I’m shaving my head in support. Which isn’t actually as selfless as it seems, because I hate styling it.

    Thanks so much for sharing your story and reminding us that there are so many ways we can give in this world.


    • hehehe, i guess u and i have more in common than i thought. i too would willingly shave my head in support for a friend. growing the hair out though, that’s what’s real hard…

  2. Bravo! Laughter is contagious; when you find you’re running low, catch some from others. Vice versa, be ready to infect others with your laughter. Thanks for sharing. You’ve taught me how to be an encourager!

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