Merry Christmas from us and … Milton

Our housemate CL gave me and my husband our Christmas present before leaving for the East Coast, and it was so unique I had to share it. This is Milton, a fully functional Muppet, handmade by CL.

CL has been, as my husband puts it, undergoing a personal renaissance. Earlier this year, he chanced across the Puppet School in the San Fernando Valley and instantly got sucked into Muppetry. The funny thing is, I don’t think he’s ever touched a needle before this, and now he meets with fellow Muppet enthusiasts for sewing sessions.

He’s made so many Muppets I suspect they’ll eventually take over his room. And he’s spreading the wealth. In addition to Milton, he’s got four Muppets packed in his luggage, one for each member of his family. (They’re all adults and mostly medical doctors). My husband jokes that it’ll make for an interesting dynamic at their dinner table this year.

And may your Christmas also be filled with joy, wonder, and fun (though not necessarily with Muppets). Merry Christmas and happy new year all!


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