The Empress and the Comic available now!

Issue 3 of the YA e-zine Scape is out, and my second short story is in it! Set in an alternate Imperial China, The Empress and the Comic reimagines Hans Christian Andersen’s Nightingale as a romance with steampunk elements. Scape is FREE so check it out by clicking here!

The story is only 6,900 words, but Empress’ journey from draft to revision to publication took almost a year and a half. As most writers know, publication is a long process with lots of waiting and editing between start and finish. Fortunately, I had the aid of my AQC critique group, who played a huge part in getting Empress up to snuff. Thank you, guys!

And an unexpected bonus at the journey’s end was Stephanie Martin’s illustration. I knew Scape would have an illustration to go with the story, but I had no idea who the artist would be or what it would look like. When it finally came out, I was floored to find her chibi-esque artwork accompanying Empress. Isn’t it ADORABLE!!?? We’ve yet to make contact, but guessing from her deviantART page, we share a common interest in manga/anime. 🙂

So please check out Empress, and I hope you enjoy it enough to pass on to your friends.


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