Manga Review: Oresama Teacher Vol. #07

Mafuyu is a high school delinquent who wants to turn over a new leaf. So when she transfers schools, she thinks she’ll finally be able to live the life of a normal girl. There’s just one problem: her teacher  Mr. Saeki is a bigger delinquent than she is and is out to take advantage of her fighting skills!

Oresama Teacher is a shojo manga that offers humor of the silly variety. Volume 7 has recently been released, and you can read on for the review. (For those who are interested, you can click here for my reviews of earlier volumes).

Back Cover Blurb

Mafuyu finally discovers the truth behind Takaomi’s bizarre bet with the principal of Midorigaoka Academy! The twisted tale elicits her sympathy, and she decides to put her all into helping him out. But her all may be less than she hopes as she faces down the looming threat of… finals!

The RevieW

With Volume 7, we have the conclusion to the mystery-of-Midorigaoka-Academy’s-past and finally learn Takaomi’s true motive for betting with the principal and dragging Mafuyu into the Public Morals Club. In addition to getting a glimpse of Takaomi’s soft side, the tale also paints the Hanabusa family in an extremely bad light.

Having learned this, Mafuyu is of course revved up to help Takaomi – so much so I was certain the following chapter would be a head-to-head between her and the chairman. Instead, all that intensity abruptly dissipates as the story switches back to comedy mode with the onset of finals. In a way, it does tie into Takaomi’s bet as test scores do impact on school performance, but the chapter’s more about making fun of Mafuyu’s crazy efforts not to flunk out of school.

Then the story completely leaves Takaomi and Midorigaoka Academy behind with Mafuyu leaving for summer break. The latter half of the volume is devoted to the silliness of delinquents on vacation, and the final chapter, which is kind of a haunted house/dorm comedy special, doesn’t even feature Mafuyu. I suppose the switch in mood is fine for those who prefer less serious reading, but I really did think that the momentum Tsubaki-sensei built up by revealing Takaomi’s family tragedy was going to lead the story elsewhere.

By the way, this volume includes a bonus manga about how Takaomi and Mafuyu first met and several comic strips about the summer festival featured in Chapter 37.

In Summary

Volume 7 is a mixed bag. It starts off somber with the truth behind Takomi’s bet with the principal, but then the intensity rapidly drops off in the latter half of the volume as Tsubaki-sensei shifts to what feels like comic filler.

First published at the Fandom Post.


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