Twin Foals!! And the Limits of High-Tech

Aren’t they cute???!!! Introducing Deedee and the latest additions to Julie’s barn community!

I know, I know, this has nothing to do with writing or research, but I saw the picture and had to pass it on. Aside from the fact that they’re  ADORABLE, twin horses aren’t something you see every day.  It’s actually unbelievable that these little girls are healthy and a good size.

The really funny thing is nobody suspected Deedee was carrying twins. So when she foaled last week, it was a complete surprise despite her having had an ultrasound. According to Julie, the babies were stacked on top of each other, so only one was visible.

That last bit about the ultrasound really made me laugh. Many of my friends are having babies now, but when they wave an ultrasound and say they’re having a boy or girl, hubby and I just smile and buy something gender-neutral for the shower. Nothing against the ultrasound, we know it’s a very handy tool, but we’ve met two couples now that were expecting one and got the other. So to hear that Deedee’s scan missed an entire baby horse is just confirmation that as amazing as high technology is, it’s not infallible.

By the way, the foals have yet to be named, but the names under consideration are Unbelievable and Remarkable. 🙂


5 responses to “Twin Foals!! And the Limits of High-Tech

  1. I think they are going to be named Unbelievable and Remarkable. lol. Thanks for sharing the news 🙂 They are so much fun to watch running around on those spindly legs.

    • hee, their little legs don’t even look like they can hold them up! With their manes and tails so short and the way their color is, they kinda look like twin fawns.

  2. Those are SO cute! I want to pet them through the computer screen…..

  3. Hi there .. Congratulations .. Please tell me how they are doing now since this happned several months ago?

    I came across your page by quencidence .. I just had two baby twins by my Arabian mare today and I am so worried although they seem healthy but one is too slim 😦 .. I have seen only few twin cases before and they all had bad delivery .. So I am passed that but still worried if they both would survive and if my mare would get pregnant again with no problems .. Pray for them!

    • Just checked in Julie on the twins (they’re part of her barn community). she says,
      “They are both doing very well. One is on the small side, but they are healthy and happy… They will both probably be small, because they didn’t have as much room to develop.”

      So it sounds like, other than being more petite than their peers, they’re doing just fine. I hope and pray that the same will be the case for your twins, Ali.

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