Manga Review: Oresama Teacher Vol. #10

Mafuyu is a high school delinquent who wants to turn over a new leaf. So when she transfers schools, she thinks she’ll finally be able to live the life of a normal girl. There’s just one problem: her teacher  Mr. Saeki is a bigger delinquent than she is and is out to take advantage of her fighting skills!

Oresama Teacher is a shojo manga that offers humor of the silly variety. Volume 10 has recently been released, and you can read on for the review. (For those who are interested, you can click here for my reviews of earlier volumes).

Back Cover Blurb

Yui might be a spy for the Student Council, but he still takes his duties as a member of the Public Morals Club very seriously! When he notices that the club has been a little stagnant lately, he decides to liven things up with some ninja training. But while he’s whipping Mafuyu and Hayasaka into shape, forces on the Student Council are working against him…

The RevieW

Yui’s been fraternizing with the Public Morals Club for a while now. He remains loyal to Miyabi, yet he gets along with Hayasaka and Mafuyu and helped them foil Kosaka’s plot in the previous volume. All of which begs the question, whose side is he really on now? Just as Mafuyu ponders that matter, Tsubaki-sensei introduces a new character who’s taken Yui’s “betrayal” to the Public Morals Club rather personally.

Enter Wakana Hojo. She and Yui share some history that Tsubaki-sensei describes in detail in Chapter 57. Wakana’s like Yui in that she’s fiercely loyal to Miyabi (though for entirely different reasons), and she’s the physical type (her weapon of choice is a bamboo sword). But while Yui’s simpleminded to the point of being an idiot, Wakana’s more complicated and so are her feelings for Yui.

The two face off when Wakana conducts the Student Council’s annual club audit. Unfortunately, the Public Morals Club has been lax in its record-keeping, and for such clubs, the only way to avoid being shut down is to take the Student Council’s stamp of approval by force. For Yui and Wakana, the fight for the stamp has an added layer of emotional complexity because Yui was originally supposed to be auditor. Despite her determined mindset, Wakana’s tough front slips whenever they clash, and though it’s obvious to others that her feelings for Yui are the cause, Yui’s too dense to recognize it.

In the midst of Yui trying to decipher the mysteries of female emotions, there are plenty of comedy and chase scenes with all manner of random clubs popping up to get approval. Super Bun makes an appearance, and Hayasaka, though he’s not the star of this volume, proves surprisingly resourceful in this arc. Tsubaki-sensei also throws in a moment of sexual tension between Takaomi and Mafuyu, but it comes completely out of nowhere and feels forced.

In Summary

Not surprisingly, Volume 10 kicks off with a new challenge for the Public Morals Club and a new Student Council enemy to go with it. What is somewhat unexpected is that Yui plays such a large role in these chapters. In addition to his usual spy wackiness, council member Wakana brings out a side of him that’s probably as close to sensitive as the Miyabi-obsessed, wannabe spy is going to get.

First published at the Fandom Post.


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