Komazawa Festival Postscript and New Year’s Card

new year cardToday I’ve got a fun postscript to my Japan Pop Tour. In the last post in that series, I described the fabulous time we had at the  Komazawa Girls’ School Festival. Indeed, it was so fabulous that when we returned to the United States, we sent them a thank you note. Sounds old-fashioned, I know, but we really wanted to express our gratitude and figured the school administration and maybe the PTA would get a kick out of a letter from foreigners. So we wrote up a thank you card in English (from the number of English speakers we encountered, we figured someone at the school could translate), put in a couple festival photos, addressed it to the principal, and sent it off.

We weren’t expecting a response so imagine our surprise three weeks later when we received a letter from Japan! And we were doubly surprised to see it was from Komazawa students! As mentioned in my Komazawa Festival post, one girl was especially helpful to us, and one of the pictures we sent the school was me posing with her and her class. Apparently, the letter went to her class, and they wrote back and included an e-mail address.

So in a strange and wonderful way I’ve gained Japanese penpals. The image attached to this post is the card they sent for New Year’s. Americans send greeting cards during Christmas season, but the Japanese tradition is to send New Year’s cards. According to my Okinawan friend, the card says:

Happy New Year!

Wish you health and happiness throughout the year

(It mentions nothing about the snake, but I’m guessing it refers to the lunar year of the snake.)

I wish the girls at Komazawa and all you readers the same. May 2013 be full of joy and blessing for you!


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