Research Ramblings: Spartan Women Part 9

As noted in my January 9, 2014 post, the lives of Spartan women were completely unlike those of their Greek sisters, and I’m continuing my series on these differences with today’s fact:

Spartan women were considered exceedingly beautiful among Greek women.

Part of this reputation came from the fact that Helen of Troy, the face that set sail a thousand ships, was born Princess Helen of Sparta. Exercise and a better diet probably also helped. Aristophanes’ play Lysistrata has a scene in which a Spartan woman meets with a group of Athenian women, and the Athenians make a big to do about how ample her bust is. If, as mentioned in last week’s post, a girl grows up not having enough eat, chances are she won’t build enough body mass to have a big chest.

Tune in next week for more about the Spartan women!


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