Manga Review: Oresama Teacher Vol. #16

Mafuyu is a high school delinquent who wants to turn over a new leaf. So when she transfers schools, she thinks she’ll finally be able to live the life of a normal girl. There’s just one problem: her teacher  Mr. Saeki is a bigger delinquent than she is!

Oresama Teacher is a shojo manga that offers humor of the silly variety. Volume 16 has recently been released, and you can read on for the review. (For those who are interested, you can click here for my reviews of earlier volumes).

Back Cover Blurb

After returning from the school trip, Mafuyu and the rest of the Public Morals Club learn all about Akki’s adventure with Komari. The story makes Mafuyu realize that all the attacks from the Student Council so far have been solo affairs. Why haven’t they teamed up to take down the Public Morals Club? Determined to get to the bottom of this mystery, Mafuyu sneaks into Hanabusa’s lair…the Student Council Room!

The Review

I’d thought the Akki/Komari arc finished at the end of Volume 15, but it was actually a chapter short. Their story actually concludes in Volume 16′s Chapter 88, which also provides a postscript for the school trip. It’s mostly Public Morals Club silliness (I’m still not sure what Akki’s ropes and the goofy three-on-three fight are about), but it does make loud and clear the positive changes Akki has had on Komari.

Once that wraps up, the story takes on a darker tone as Hayasaka, of all people, broaches the topic of strategy in the Public Morals Club/Student Council struggle. But the question he raises about why the Student Council members haven’t attacked them all at once is valid and one I’ve wondered about myself. It’s an unusually thoughtful moment, and seeing Mafuyu and Takaomi run through tactical scenarios is a nice reminder of the street smarts that made them top-level banchos. The discussion leads to a badly timed visit to the Student Council Room where Mafuyu gets her first glimpse of the final member of the Student Council, Runa Momochi.

Momochi doesn’t seem much of a threat, but shortly after Mafuyu’s run-in with her, Okegawa and Akki abruptly resign from the Public Morals Club. Then Mafuyu receives a blackmail note in her locker, and it’s clear the club is under attack again. Tsubaki-sensei creates great tension in these pages, keeping readers guessing about the content of the blackmail notes and the blackmailer’s intent. At the same time, there’s plenty of humor to be had, all completely in character, even when Takaomi takes a hilariously overprotective stance over his two remaining Public Morals Club members.

The volume ends with Mafuyu and company starting to turn the tide and a glimpse into the truth behind the blackmailing scheme. The intrigue of Volume 16 is laying the foundation for major drama, and I look forward to seeing how the Public Morals Club handles it.

Lots of extras in this volume, including Characters and Story Thus Far, 4-panel comics interspersed throughout the book, the results of a character contest poll, and a diagram of character relationships.

In Summary

After a final wrap up of the Akki/Komari rom com, Oresama Teacher delves into the realm of intrigue. Between the Student Council’s strange solo attack strategy, the lack of intel on Student Council member Momochi, and blackmail, the plot keeps a tight grip on readers’ attention. At the same time, the comedy level remains high with Tsubaki-sensei capitalizing on our characters’ quirks as they take extreme measures to counter their unknown opponent. It’s an excellent blend of mystery and humor and the best volume of this series I’ve read thus far.

First published at the Fandom Post.


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