Souvenirs from Asia: Items from Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine

card (545x640)This might look like a random bunch of Hello Kitty items, but they’re actually from a special place–Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine in Hong Kong!

My husband learned about the restaurant through a coworker and decided he had to go. So on his last business trip to China, he made a detour specifically to check it out.

restaurant interiorIt did not disappoint. The decor is pretty awesome. Everything from the waiter uniforms to the light fixtures to the chopstick holders are Hello Kitty themed. Even the paper liners for the bamboo steamers are shaped like Hello Kitty. It might seem like Hello Kitty overload, but the overall effect is refined, not cheesy.

As for the food, their specialty is dim sum. We eat dim sum regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area, and according to my husband, who had the custard buns and a rice/chicken dish, the food ranked satisfactorily in the taste department. However, the real draw is that each dish is a Hello Kitty-inspired work of art. In that respect, the cuisine’s a bit more Japanese than Chinese.

statue (480x640)At any rate, the restaurant’s a super cute establishment that does Hello Kitty justice. By the way, the menu is entirely in Chinese, and most of the staff speaks only Chinese. However, the menu includes handy pictures, and the host speaks some English so my non-Chinese speaking husband was able to get by. Plus, the restaurant is pretty close to a subway stop. If you’re a Hello Kitty aficionado and in the Hong Kong area, you should definitely check it out.

bao (640x480)rice (640x480)tea pot (640x480)paper (640x480)




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