Manga Review: Oresama Teacher Vol. #18

Mafuyu is a high school delinquent who wants to turn over a new leaf. So when she transfers schools, she thinks she’ll finally be able to live the life of a normal girl. There’s just one problem: her teacher  Mr. Saeki is a bigger delinquent than she is!

Oresama Teacher is a shojo manga that offers humor of the silly variety. Volume 18 has been released, and you can read on for the review. (For those who are interested, you can click here for my reviews of earlier volumes).

Back Cover Blurb

It’s summertime, and the students of Midorigaoka Academy are indulging in the time-honored tradition of a test of courage! A walk through a “haunted woods,” it beats the heat by chilling the blood and forms bonds of friendship through shared terror. It’s the perfect activity for Mafuyu! But not everyone joining the fun has pure-hearted revelry in mind—some mysterious villains are using the test of courage as a cover to attack the Public Morals Club!

The Review

Mafuyu’s vacation fun continues with a test of courage and a trip to the beach. These two settings are pretty standard summer settings, but Oresama Teacher’s delinquent versions are hilarious. The most of the humor combines silly visuals with character quirks, such as Mafuyu’s inability to swim or Yui’s fear of scary things. As far as comedy goes, it’s pretty simple but effective enough to make me laugh out loud.

Then school resumes, and we return to the Public Morals Club/Student Council battle. Momochi is the last of the Student Council members to unleash her claws, and she finally does, but in a very unexpected fashion. The more we see of her, the more questions arise, and Tsubaki-sensei does an effective job of continuing to shroud her in mystery and letting some of that mystery flow over to Hayasaka.

As a result of her actions, the Public Morals Club goes on offense. So far, they’ve mostly reacted to Student Council attacks, but now they take the initiative to uncover the inner workings of the Student Council–and wind up kidnapping the president! It’s kind of a surreal scene, but Tsubaki-sensei manages to make it intriguing and funny at the same time. By the end of the volume, the bet over Midorigaoka starts to take on a whole new aspect, and I’m eager to see where this development takes us.

Lots of extras in this volume, including Characters and Story Thus Far, 4-panel comics, character profiles on East High students, and a slightly outdated character relationship. In addition, the cover has an updated layout.

In Summary

Oresama Teacher delivers laughs aplenty with two more summer-themed stories. Then it’s back to school and the last member of the Student Council, Runa Momochi. While Tsubaki-sensei keeps the comedy flowing, intrigue is what dominates these chapters. Between Momochi’s secret ability and Student Council President’s unknown agenda, Tsubaki-sensei’s doing an excellent job of keeping things exciting.

First published at the Fandom Post.


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