Impulse buy: Hello Kitty soy sauce!

I’m pretty self-controlled when it comes to spending. I hardly ever make impulse buys–mainly because I’m kind of a miser. However, every once in a long while I will fall sway to an item’s charms. On Monday, I went to a local Asian supermarket to pick up some ginger, and I saw this:

hello kitty soy1

My thoughts went like this:


Waitaminute. Why is Hello Kitty selling Kikkoman soy sauce?

Who cares. That’s ADORABLE!

hello kitty soy 2Then I saw the price and knew I had to get it. As I’ve mentioned on previous posts, my husband is a huge Hello Kitty fan (click here for pictures from his Hello Kitty restaurant visit), and $2.50 is a nominal amount for the reaction I would receive for bringing that particular grocery item home.

I went home with two bottles. Yes, he loves it.

Moral of the story: cute sells.


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