Souvenirs from Asia: Haikyu!! Akihabara Bonanza Part 2

During my husband’s latest business trip to Japan, he managed to spend some free time at that mecca of anime known as Akihabara. And because Haikyu!! is our favorite ongoing series, he returned with a bunch of Haikyu!! souvenirs that ranged from cute to odd. He also went a bit overboard with his purchases so I’m splitting this installment into five parts.


As if one Haikyu!! noren wasn’t enough, I also got these. I love chibi characters, and these curtains show the main Karasuno lineup in super cute style. While the volleyball players are the design’s most eye-catching feature, it, like the noren and charms in my previous post, also incorporates Miyagi symbols. Amid the volleyballs are silhouettes of Date Masamune, and crescent moons are all over the pattern. Plus, towards the bottom is the kanji for Miyagi.

Now the question is, what am I going to do with all these noren…


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