Souvenirs from Asia: Haikyu!! Akihabara Bonanza Part 3

During my husband’s latest business trip to Japan, he managed to spend some free time at that mecca of anime known as Akihabara. And because Haikyu!! is our favorite ongoing series, he returned with a bunch of Haikyu!! souvenirs that ranged from cute to odd. He also went a bit overboard with his purchases so I’m splitting this installment into five parts.

haikyuu glass3

Tanaka with chocobanana and Noya with a candied apple

haikyuu glass 2

Daichi with squid on a stick and Asahi with something in a box. Yakisoba maybe?

This was my husband’s Akihabara bargain find. It is a drinking glass he found at a character goods store for 200 yen. That’s less than two US dollars at the current exchange rate!

Haikyu!! will recognize the crow versions of our volleyball players, which kind of look like Angry Birds caricatures. Unlike the Haikyu!! items I’ve shown thus far, this glass doesn’t feature Hinata or Kageyama. Instead, it only shows their senpai: Daichi, Asahi, Suga, Noya, and Tanaka.

The overall theme is summer festival, and each bird character holds a different festival snack against a background of clouds and fireworks.

haikyuu glass1

Suga with cotton candy

Not bad for 200 yen.


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