Manga Review: Kiss of the Rose Princess Vol. 6

Magical girls and reverse harems are standard fare in shoujo manga, and you can find both in Aya Shouoto’s Kiss of the Rose Princess. Read on for Volume 6 of the series! (For my review of previous volumes, click here.)

Back cover Blurb

High school student Anise Yamamoto is the “Rose Princess” of four handsome Rose Knights. The Gray Rose has revealed himself to be Mutsuki’s older brother, whom Mutsuki killed in the past. Mutsuki is slowly regaining his memories, but what do two Dark Stalkers want with Anise, the Rose Princess?

The Review

The narrative seems to have gotten overly complicated, what with knight “awakenings,” Arcana card gathering, extraneous Rose Knights, and a Fake Princess. Also, Ella enters the hunt for Arcana cards, and the fact that she collects so many she can afford to give one to Anise makes the real Rose Princess look awfully pathetic in comparison. However, Shouoto-sensei does manage to keep a grip on her readers by wrapping up the Gray Rose arc with a glimpse into Mutsuki’s origins.

Half of Anise’s Knights are not human, but while Seiran is an artificial creation of the present, Mutsuki was around long before his fellow companions. Shouoto-sensei’s been teasing readers about his locked memories, and we finally get a look at them as well as a glimpse of the legacy of the Rose Knights. While the history between the Black and Gray Roses is interesting and tragic, the connection of the Dark Stalkers with the Demon Lord is seemingly at odds with their alliance to the Rose Princess. At any rate, Mutsuki has his first Awakening, leaving the Red and Blue Roses yet to “level up.”

After an interlude chapter that’s mostly silly high school reverse harem squabbling for Anise’s attention, the focus shifts to Seiran. As far as the Knights go, he’s the most insecure. Wanting to change himself, he resolves to accomplish something on his own and goes in search of an Arcana card with Ninufa. His determination to improve is actually quite admirable, but then Shouoto-sensei has to turn his card quest into something of a farce. However, it does end with an action-packet battle against a Counterfeit Knight that gives the Blue Rose the opportunity to display some heroics.

The volume ends with the potential for the story to go in a number of directions. Shouoto-sensei’s been hinting at something between Schwarz and Itsushi-sensei, the Counterfeit Rose Knights are having problems, and Ella’s out to get the Arcana cards and Kaede. Plus, the Rose Knights have a few awakenings to get through before they can get “engaged” to Anise. At least for now, Shouoto-sensei has enough elements to keep things interesting although the plot feels like it going all over the place.

Extras include the opening splash illustration and table of contents printed in color; character profiles for the Black and White Knights; two mini-manga; and bonus illustrations.

In Summary

Our Dark Stalker’s past is revealed! Or at least enough to justify Mutsuki’s broodiness. Then things get complicated in the quest to seal the Dark Lord when the Fake Rose Princess shows up with Arcana cards in hand. The real Rose Princess and her Knights are coming up against a lot of challenges, but it’s difficult to take them seriously when the boys keep devolving back to high school reverse harem squabbling over Anise.

First published at The Fandom Post.


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