Souvenirs from Asia: Haikyu!! Akihabara Bonanza Part 5

During my husband’s latest business trip to Japan, he managed to spend some free time at that mecca of anime known as Akihabara. And because Haikyu!! is our favorite ongoing series, he returned with a bunch of Haikyu!! souvenirs that ranged from cute to odd. He also went a bit overboard with his purchases so I’m splitting this installment into five parts.

socks front

And finally we have this. When I got my first glimpse of it, I thought, “Oh, what a cute little shirt.” Then I flipped the package over.

socks back

They’re socks.

socks1Or I suppose you can think of them as shirts for your feet, which is the look the makers seem to be going for. However, I can’t say they hold much appeal for me. Weird is a better descriptor although they are definitely not on the level of weird that the Nekoma torso water bottle was on. In terms of functionality, they’re a bit tricky. They’re made of a slick polyester fabric. As a person who usually walks in cotton socks, I find them a bit of a trip/slip hazard on my hardwood floors.

socks 3Like the Nekoma water bottle, this product’s target audience is a mystery to me. Its visual impact is definitely diminished if worn with shoes so it’s probably meant for home use only. Maybe it’s kind of a strange home cosplay? At any rate, I think I’ll try to find an alternate use for these uber slippery, uber unique socks.


Happy New Year!


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