Souvenirs from Asia: Sanrio Bonanza Part 1

If my husband’s November trip was the Haikyu!! bonanza, his December trip was the Sanrio bonanza. The variety of Hello Kitty goods never ceases to amaze me. Nor does my husband’s appetite for them. As with the Haikyu!! bonanza, I’ll be splitting this batch of souvenirs into a few posts.

kitty senbei

To start we have a box of “Hello Kitty no Ebisenbei.” Translation: Hello Kitty’s shrimp flavored rice crisps. Hello Kitty snack items are fairly common even in the United States, but few package designs have this level of refined cuteness. It’s a nice blend of traditional Japanese themes plus the adorableness that can only come from having Kitty-san in crustacean costume.

The other unusual thing about this particular product is that the senbei pretty much looks like the rice crisp Kitty’s holding in the picture. Most Hello Kitty branded foods incorporate some aspect of her into their appearance. For example, brandishing a stamp with her outline. The senbei is just a regular senbei with a small shrimp in it. If I didn’t see the box, I’d have never guessed they were specifically Hello Kitty’s.

And like the Haikyu!! manju, the senbei were average in terms of taste. However, the box is so cute I might just have to keep it!


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