Manga Review: My Little Monster Vol. 13

There’s the type of shojo manga where a girl really can envision herself as the heroine. And then there are those where the characters are constantly going off the deep end. My Little Monster falls into the latter category, and if your taste in high school romance leans toward the improbable and wacky, this title might be up your alley. Kodansha  has released Volume 13 of the English translation, and you can read on for the review. (For my review of previous volumes, click here.)

Back Cover Blurb

Shizuku and Haru have their happy ending, but what about their friends and family? Everyone is the hero of his or her own story. Sasayan, Natsume, Iyo, Yuzan—they all have their own tales to tell. What paths will they follow? Find out in this final volume of My Little Monster! Includes over 60 pages of extras after the story!

The Review

My Little Monster’s main arc ended in Volume 12, but the story isn’t quite over yet. Robico-sensei follows up with a hefty final volume comprised of four extra chapters and material from the My Little Monster Fan Book. While these extra chapters focus on the supporting cast, Shizuku/Haru fans should still pick this volume up because the setting for Extra Chapter 4 is Haru and Shizuku’s wedding. Given Haru’s family background, it winds up a huge western-style affair, and we get a rare chance to see Shizuku dressed up and out of her trademark pigtails.

Aside from the wedding portion, Extra Chapter 4 is also interesting because it follows the POV of younger brother Takaya, now a high school student. Though he appeared numerous times in the series, he rarely spoke or showed emotion. This story offers a look into his thoughts about his sister but, more importantly, delves into his surprisingly passionate feelings for the woman he’s in love with.

Love is also the theme for Extra Chapters 1 and 2, which focus on Sasayan and Iyo, respectively. Extra Chapter 1 revisits a number of past Natsume/Sasayan moments through Sasayan’s eyes. Extra Chapter 2, which is set shortly after the series end, is about Iyo’s obsession with “the red string of destiny” and an impromptu date with Yuzan.

Extra Chapter 3, which focuses on Yuzan, is a bit more complicated. It’s set just before Haru and Shizuku’s wedding so we get a glimpse of Yuzan’s political career, but much of the narrative has to do with the far past. If you’ve wanted more of the dysfunctional Yoshida family dynamic, this story is for you.

Following the extra chapters is the fan book material. Detailed character profiles for everyone from Shizuku to Sasayan’s baseball teammates make up the majority of this section, but it also includes mini-manga about Natsume’s daily life and the origins of the Kaimei Academy foursome. There are several four-panel comics, a couple games, and an overview of how the manga is produced as well.

In Summary

Past, present, and future are all covered in more than 200 pages of post-series extras. Four extra chapters focus on Sasayan, Iyo, Yuzan, and Takaya, but we get a pretty good idea of the entire cast’s happily ever when everyone convenes for Haru and Shizuku’s wedding. And if you’re interested in character details like Yamaken’s blood type, you’ll find it all in the fan book material at the very end.

First published at the Fandom Post.


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