Before the Odyssey

When Princess Helen of Sparta, the world’s most beautiful maiden, enters the marriage market, everyone’s interested, including the tactician Odysseus. Wily and confident, he’s certain he’ll beat the competition – until he unwittingly insults Penelope, Helen’s unassuming cousin. A private feud ensues, and as Odysseus strives to keep Penelope’s grudge from undermining his standing as Helen’s suitor, he discovers something entirely unexpected: a girl with a mind and spirit to match his own. Told from Penelope’s and Odysseus’ perspectives, Before the Odyssey (75,000 words) brings mythological Greece to life as it unveils the beginnings of the love immortalized in Homer’s epic.


6 responses to “Before the Odyssey

  1. You should think about putting it on Kindle. That’s what I’ve done with my writing. At the moment it’s just edited works and adaptations with an ancient classics theme (my degree is in classics), but I hope to have some of my fantasy stories on there before long. Good luck!

    • Hi Alyson!
      Nice to meet another writer who likes drawing upon ancient/classic material! I have considered the Kindle route, but I haven’t made the jump mainly because my promotional skills are sub par (for now at least). I have a lot of respect for people that work hard to get their stories into people’s hands through that route, and I wish you success in that arena.

      • Well, Kindle help you to market your books too. If you are not already published or represented, it could be an excellent way to get a book deal.
        You can add your name to Good Reads website, and get author status as soon as you join and are published.
        Apart from that, keep your web/blog active. Good luck!

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  3. Wow, this sounds really interesting! Looking forward to getting more into it – this whole blog thing is a bit new to me LOL… I was raised on paper. I will be interested to see what you decide vis Kindle. Right this second, paddling really fast on the “Angyliadd” thing, hoping to make a lot of progress with my betas and hear back about new QL from the Shark soon – will follow as soon as I get breathing room! Thanks so much for your help on AQ Connect, and good luck! I have an avid reader who is 10 – sounds like she may soon be old enough to proof some of your stuff (maybe you can tell me whether you think she’s old enough now… I’m sure SHE’d be interested!)

    • Thanks for dropping by my blog. As I mentioned to you before, AQ Connect has some great folks if you decide to be part of the writing community there. As for the self-pub Kindle route, unless I find a partner who’s savvy with that marketing, promo, etc, I’ll be sticking to the traditional route. There is a thread on AQ Connect though about self-pub if you’re interested in that.

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