Cynisca and the Olive Crown

The Games at Olympia have ever been a competition of men–until Cynisca enters her chariot.

Seventeen-year-old Cynisca is the awkward princess in the Spartan Royal House. Unlike her savvy siblings, her only talents lie in horsemanship, and to her politically minded relatives, she’s useless. But everything changes when her crippled brother abruptly inherits the throne. Controversy erupts, and when an anti-royalist publicly insults the new king, Cynisca snaps. A hostile exchange leads to a racing challenge, and Cynisca trounces the scoffer. That gives the king an idea: demonstrate royal authority by having Cynisca defeat his detractors in the great chariot race at Olympia.

Based on events from Greek history, CYNISCA AND THE OLIVE CROWN relates the tale of the first woman to compete in the ancient Olympic Games.

Status: Manuscript complete and currently querying.

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