Spear Among Spindles

Originally published in Drollerie Press’ Playthings of the Gods, my first short story “Spear Among Spindles” is now available in the Bearded Scribe Press anthology Twice Upon a Time.

To most of its students, Skyros Girls’ Preparatory is the first step into a privileged life among society’s elite, but for 17-year-old Keelie, it’s a prison, imposed by a domineering mother. However, when war breaks out in the wake of Queen Helen’s scandalous elopement with Paris of Troy, liberation comes for Keelie in the strangest of ways.

2 responses to “Spear Among Spindles

  1. Sorry to hear that. Sounds like an interesting read. Again, I can recommend Kindle until you manage to get it back into hard copy again.

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